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Welcome to iPortis.com

iPortis.com provides e-commerce solutions and product fulfillment solutions focused on exceptional customer service. We offer a secure, reliable, and affordable transaction processing platform for a wide range of electronic and physical goods and services.

If you are currently using an alternative e-commerce solution provider, just contact us and we will match or beat their current rate.

Sign up for a free no risk trial, and use our services for 30 days at 3.5% + $0.50 per transaction!

Our Order FulFillment Services

Do you currently use an alternative e-commerce solution such as PayPal (IPN) or Google Checkout that offers you almost everything you need, but comes up short in Order Fulfillment customization options? Look no further than our Order Fulfillment Service!

Our Free Integrated Affiliate System - "IP Affiliates"

IP Affiliates allows anyone the opportunity to generate revenue by offering and/or promoting various products from the IP Affiliate Catalog for sale through their web site, blog, or other online portals.
Leverage the entire iPortis.com e-commerce platform for sales tracking, coupon codes and campaigns, and stay on top of it all with our enhanced real-time affiliates sales reporting tools. Best of all, this service is FREE!
For more information please visit our IP Affiliates page.

Our Experience

iPortis.com is led by two former members and founders of Regsoft.com© with over 20 years of combined experience in the e-commerce industry.

We have leveraged the knowledge gained from that experience to create client driven solutions focused on developing valuable and rewarding business partnerships with our clients.

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